East Netherlands

AI Startup Landscape

In January 2022, more than 127 new Dutch AI startups were added to the European AI landscape. The goal of the AI landscape is to give companies guidance and promising startups a visible platform, benefiting both parties and driving the adoption of AI. Additionally, it demonstrates the innovative strength of European startups and the willingness of European countries to collaborate in order to gain technological sovereignty.


AI startups in East Netherlands


As a part of the European AI landscape, the following AI startup companies are located in the East Netherlands:

  • Converz Analytics (Nijmegen) – Empowering people in databased decision making
  • Datacadabra (Enschede) – Digital intelligence for smart & efficient companies 
  • Evidencio (Haaksbergen) – Medical Decision Support, clinical use of AI in MedTech
  • Mindaffect (Nijmegen) – Brain Computer Interface (BCI) applications
  • OneThird (Enschede) – FoodTech startup preventing food loss and foodwaste by improving cold chain logistics
  • Orikami (Nijmegen) – Biomarkers enabling personalised healthcare by maximizing data value
  • Screenpoint Medical (Nijmegen) – Smart AI for early breast cancer detection & diagnosis
  • Spectro AG (Bentelo) – AI based  remote sensing solutions to address challenges in precision farming, forestry, water management, environmental protection
  • The Simulation Crew (Nijmegen) – Virtual Real Life Experiences
  • TONOS Care (Nijmegen) – Human friendly AI for the right care at the right time
  • Verdify (Wageningen) – Personalised nutrition for a healthy life


Dutch AI startup landscape


To gain better insights in the Dutch AI startup landscape, please visit the DUTCH AI startups & scale-ups LANDSCAPE, strengthening the relationship with our European counterparts in Sweden, Norway, France and Germany.



“It’s great that the Netherlands is participating in the European AI startup landscape. It’s a fantastic way to promote our selected startups on an international level and thereby increase their access to potential customers, partners and investors”, says Anita Lieverdink, from NL AIC.





There are several reasons why collaboration between startups and fully developed companies is a great option, not only for both parties – but for the economy as a whole:

While almost all companies require a broad selection of AI solutions, startups focus on one specific niche. They provide the necessary solutions with the latest technology. Also, AI systems increase in performance with more data and applications.

Therefore, in non-competitive use cases, a technology from a startup that supplies many companies tends to perform better than a stand-alone solution for one specific application in one company.

Additionally, AI is a fundamentally challenging task to implement in the eye of a rapidly increasing need to develop new roles, adapt processes, collect data, hire new skills, or work in agile settings. Partnering with startups helps companies to get rid of some of these challenges and allows them to focus on value creation.