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Artificial Intelligence

Sustainable Smart Industry, AI – East Netherlands offers expertise and experience with the development and implementation of Artifical Intelligence in business and industry. See the infographic of our  regional AI ecosystem: several universities conduct research in this field. Institutions for applied sciences work together with industry to implement AI in SMEs.

AI-hub East Netherlands

AI hub East Netherlands is for entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and governments in the region who (want to) work with AI. The hub focuses on health, food, energy, industry, and education: themes in which the region is strong, which have a positive influence on people and the environment, and which offer economic opportunities. AI hub East Netherlands helps parties to find their way in the AI playing field. We map out partners, projects and funding opportunities and make the right connections. Read more…





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Potential of AI for SMEs

For SMEs in (the manufacturing) industry the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in their operations offers competitive advantages due to improved process management & control, and improved quality of end products. In order to increase the uptake of AI in SMEs specific stimulation programmes and projects are developed in the East Netherlands. We also cooperate in Europe on this topic in the Vanguard Initiative.  Thus further strengthening our Smart and Sustainable Industries.

AI in Europe

The partners of Th!nk East Netherlands welcome the presented European strategy for Europe Fit for the Digital Age and the White Paper on Artificial Intellegence. The implementation of this strategy is vital for the long term competitiveness for regional industry.

In order to shape Europe’s digital future the partners prepare a reaction on the both, strategy and whie paper, based on the strengths of the regional ecosystem. The European Commission has annouced three actions as part of the strategy.  Policy areas within the strategy include data protection, better access to online goods, designing the right environment for digital networks, ensuring that citizens and businesses can take advantage of opportunities caused by digitalisation and defining Europe as a role model and leader for a society empowered by data. 

Next steps

As for the next steps, the Commission will establish a regulatory framework regarding data governance and launch sectoral specific actions, to build European data spaces in for instance industrial manufacturing, the Green Deal, mobility or health. The commission has also launched two consultations.  is The 24 partners from the triple helix in East Netherlands welcome the European approach on The EC’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence.

In order to boost the regional upscaling of AI Think East Netherlands presented the Position Paper for Artificial Intelligence as a feedback on the EC’s data strategy. 



Radboud University opens Ellis unit AI & Machine Learning

The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) is opening a number of new units, including one at Radboud University, Nijmegen, East Netherlands. Within the unit, research regarding machine learning and other topics relating to artificial intelligence will take place over the next few years. Its purpose is to bring together the best European experts in the field.


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