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Clean buses on Gelderland’s roads

Investing in green buses for a cleaner environment

In June 2016, the first hydrogen fuel cell bus went into regular service in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands’ Gelderland region. The bus only emits water, which improves air quality. It is also almost completely silent. Gelderland company Hymove developed the technology for the bus with EU financial support.

Cleaner air in Gelderland thanks to greener buses
Traffic is a major cause of air pollution which leads to health problems for many people. In 2016, the Dutch government and public transport companies agreed that from 2025 only clean buses will be put into service for public transport.

Hydrogen fuel cells can convert hydrogen into electricity to power buses. Buses running on hydrogen fuel cells only emit water vapour, which helps to improve air quality. They are also almost completely silent.

Gelderland company HyMove, public transport company Syntus and the province of Gelderland launched a hydrogen fuel cell project in 2015. With a €50,000 EU grant, they developed a fuel cell system for buses.

In the summer of 2016, the first bus went into regular service in Apeldoorn.