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Innovation Expo 2018

Taking innovations forward, making breakthroughs happen to help tackle social challenges In the Netherlands and globally. This is the Dutch government’s ambition with the Innovation Expo 2018. The business community, knowledge institutes, social organisations and governmentals meet up on 4 October 2018 in the RDM Onderzeebootloods (former submarine construction hall) in Rotterdam.

We work closely together with other events and organisations. Innovation Expo (IE2018) is a full sensory experience of the most spectacular innovations. It’s all about fresh encounters and closing concrete deals and agreements. A day in which all participants from the Netherlands and abroad are jointly dedicated to accelerating innovations.

Global challenges
Innovation is never stand-alone; it is a precondition for progress. Awareness that we need innovation to keep this country safe, liveable and accessible has never been higher. Major social challenges are at the heart of IE2018; the move to the cities is growing worldwide. This has had a major impact on the way we live, work, and spend our time. Pressure on our living environment increases apace. More than ever we seek to counter scarcity by fresh thinking around consumption and waste. Modern living and working demand a modern infrastructure. Climate change also demands a fresh approach to water and energy. The challenge we face is to produce more food for more people and to do this better and to distribute it meaningfully on a global scale.

Our approach to social challenges in the Netherlands follows the knowledge and innovation agendas and the Dutch National Science agenda. At a European level challenges are featured in the Horizon 2020 agenda. Globally, we have a shared language around the Sustainable Development Goals. The objectives and agendas make challenges tangible. The challenges are complex and the solutions come from multiple sources.

Dutch solutions
Innovation starts with smart people, wherever they may be: R&D departments at start-ups, businesses from small through to large, universities and research institutes. In a word – the innovators. These professionals often work together in national and international public-private alliances. The Dutch Top sectors are a good example. There are various phases in innovation. From initial idea to new product or service, poised for upscaling. It is a fact that the growth in radical innovations demands focus and input from a wide range of parties. The Dutch are aware of the need for teamwork involving innovators, decision makers, policy makers and enablers – in short, an active innovation eco-system.

On 4 October 2018 this Dutch innovation eco-system will be showing off its best sides. Government will be offering a stage for high-profile innovations around the circular economy, energy, water, mobility, built-up environment, health, food, and key technologies. Interaction between innovators and government is intrinsic to the Dutch success formula. All interests are carefully weighed-up. Lines are kept short. We learn from innovators in other sectors and countries. This enables us to find solutions that are integral, suitable and workable.

Bringing Dutch solutions nearer is a fact. Prior to and after 4 October 2018 we will be working together with other events and organisations to jointly accelerate the most interesting innovations. This mutual process takes the Netherlands and the world a step further. After 4 October 2018 we will hand the relay baton on to Innovation Expo 2020. This will take our innovative tradition forward.

Who is Innovation Expo 2018 meant for?
The Innovation relay is a network, podium and process for innovation with a major bi-annual event – the Innovation Expo. The 7th edition of the Innovation Expo (IE2018) is now due on 4 October 2018. The venue will be the RDM Onderzeebootloods (former submarine construction hall) and RDM Congress Centre in Rotterdam South.

The IE2018 is a podium provided by the ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Infrastructure and Water Management, Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Interior & Kingdom Relations, and Foreign Affairs for corporates, knowledge institutions, young professionals and civil society actors to put the focus on innovations for a broad national and international audience.

The IE2018 is a win-win situation all-round. You will meet other innovators as well as decision makers and enablers. This can lead to meaningful alliances. The IE2018 involves business activities that can take your innovation a step further and accelerate it in the Dutch context as the IE2018 is a showcase for the most exciting Dutch offerings. We show Dutch solutions for major social challenges.

At the IE2018 we jointly and effectively set out the Dutch innovation eco-system!

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