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Vouchers for innovative healthcare robotics

Smart Industry, for a Healthy Life, Robotics – DIH-HERO is a consortium that invests in the deployment of healthcare robotics. The consortium wants to stimulate the accelerated application of robotics in healthcare. Therefore, it calls out to SMEs to submit projects in the field of healthcare robotics. The best 35 proposals will be rewarded with a voucher of € 100,000. Project coordination: University of Twente.


The consortium encourages cross-border collaboration, so one condition of the call is that SMEs from at least two different countries work together. The product has to have a TRL6, and the voucher is intended to fund a demonstration of a prototype in a real-life environment.

European network

DIH-HERO consists of 17 partners from 11 countries and aims to form a European network for healthcare robotics and to connect all stakeholders. To promote this, a Brokerage Event is organised on October 30th and 31st in Enschede. The deadline for submitting a proposal is December 31st.

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