East Netherlands


Inreda Diabetic – artificial pancreas for people with diabetes – Made in East Netherlands

Inreda Diabetic, award winner of the Nationaal Icoon 2019, was founded by Robin Koops. As a diabetes patient, he himself invented and tested the device on his own person. He has been using the device for months now, and with good results. Also, Arianne van Bon, internist-endocrinologist, tested the device on her patients, who saw their blood glucose levels improved and their complaints reduced. The artificial pancreas regulates the blood glucose levels of people suffering from diabetes type 1 by itself. It is the only bi-hormonal device in the world that works completely automatically and of which all components are integrated. The patient no longer has to self-measure and calculate how much and when to medicate. A recent test was very promising: glucose levels were within target levels for 99,2 percent of the time, and critically low blood glucose (hypoglycaemia) was completely reduced. Now, the goal is to bring this product to market. The necessary CE-certification for this is expected in Spring 2020. Minister Bijleveld is the cabinet’s ambassador of this National Icon.



Inreda Diabetic is known from the INTERREG-program ROCKET, amongst others​. As participant in the program’s Validis project, the company worked together with other parties on a new method of insulin administration for diabetes patients. More on this project can be found on:



One of the ten nominees for the National Icon Award was Leadax from Wapenveld, East Netherlands. Leadax developes the new lead: a fully circular replacement of lead. The company was supported by the province of Gelderland and Oost NL through the program ‘De Groeiversneller’.


The Award National Icon

An artificial pancreas for people who suffer from diabetes; infinite recycling of plastic PET-waste, and a satellite network that enables the global accessibility of the Internet of Things (IoT). These innovations of Inreda Diabetic (the artificial pancreas), Ioniqa (PET-upcycling), and Hiber (satellite network HiberBand) have been nominated as National Icons by the Dutch cabinet. The three winners were announced by the state secretary Mona Keijzer of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate on national television during the program ‘De Wereld Draait Door’.