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New members for the Committee of the Regions

On Friday October 4, 2019 the council has appointed Mr Eddy van Hijum, regional minister of Overijssel, and Ms Christianne van der Wal, regional minister of Gelderland as member and alternate member for the European Committee of the Regions.

Ms van der Wal has also been appointed as an alternate member of the commission COTER. COTER focuses on territorial cooperation and EU budgeting.

Mr van Hijum has become a member of ECON. ECON focuses on economic policy, including small and medium enterprises and industry policy.

The next Committee event they will join is in December. In December the Committee of the Regions celebrates their 25th anniversary. In the upcoming and following months a lot of interesting events will be organised.

On the website: you can find the events and see how you can participate.


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