East Netherlands


Calls for Digital Health companies fighting cancer and obesity

East Netherlands, as a member of the inDemand Community, has launched a call for digital health companies. Following the inDemand model, the Region of East Netherlands has detected 2 healthcare challenges to be solved by technology. The selected companies will have the opportunity to co-create the solutions hand by hand with healthcare professionals and will receive funding – € 17,500.

Open call at a glance:

Application deadline: 13th January 2020
Economic support: € 17,500 (VAT excluded) for each challenge.
Language: Application forms can only be filled in English or Dutch. Working language during the co-creation will be in Dutch.


The two challenges:


Challenge 1: Digital support for (ex) cancer patients regarding stress related complaints

Many (ex) cancer patients experience a wide variety of complaints. In the period after they have finished their clinical pathway, they often deal with this on their own and it can greatly impair their quality of life. Rijnstate is looking for a way to help (ex) cancer patients to recognize, identify and guide them in case of stress related complaints.

[Download pdf & see the details

Challenge 2: Clinical pathway planning tool for bariatric patients

Planning of the clinical pathway for patient undergoing bariatric surgery is a very time-consuming, complex process which is prone to errors and where several stakeholders are involved working for different organization. Rijnstate is looking for a tool to help planning a clear clinical pathway for a patient undergoing bariatric surgery providing a better patient journey.

Download pdf & see the details


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