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Radboud University expand AI- and Machine learning research by opening ELLIS-unit

Artificial Intelligence – The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) is opening a number of new units, including one at Radboud University. Within the unit, research regarding machine learning and other topics relating to artificial intelligence will take place over the next few years. Its purpose is to bring together the best European experts in the field.

The pan-European ELLIS initiative is aimed at making sure researchers in the field of artificial intelligence remain in Europe. Many European researches have left for the United States and China in the past few years to set up projects there, but ELLIS provides a space for unique and important local research. Within the unit Radboud University will not only be supporting its existing AI research, but it will also attract new talent. Alongside three senior researchers, there will be room for four new PhD’s. Furthermore, eight new PhD’s will be hired through national and European subsidies.

They will all be working on research at the crossroads of cognitive systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Marcel van Gerven, professor of artificial intelligence, will lead the research. Van Gerven: ‘We are looking at intelligence as can currently be found in nature, such as in our brain, to be develop better artificial intelligence. To develop news, smarter algorithms we will need to combine insights from social sciences and exact sciences’

Thirty years of AI research

‘ELLIS is the foremost important network for European AI researchers’, says Tom Heskes, professor of Data Science at Radboud University and involved with the university’s ELLIS Unit. ‘The network is focused on machine learning, which means it fits seamlessly with a lot of the research we are already doing here. Radboud University has a strong tradition with regards to machine learning, our researchers have been working on it for over thirty years. The participation with ELLIS ensures that our PhD’s and other researchers can work with institutes from all over Europe.’

Radboud AI is an initiative that brings together researchers from all seven faculties of Radboud University. In total, the university has over 170 scientists working on research that involves artificial intelligence. Based on the citation score, it is the number one in AI research in the Netherlands. The university distinguishes itself with a focus on the human side of artificial intelligence, with a lot of attention on the applications of AI where humans are at the center.

Source: RadboudUniversity


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