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Worldwide use of dataplatform Teamscope against COVID-19

Smart Health –  Teamscope founder Diego Menchaca came from Chile to Nijmegen, East Netherlands, in 2015 for the Rockstart Health program. Here he continued to work on the innovation he started in Chile: a digital platform where healthcare specialists can share patient data – both clinically and ‘from the field’ – with each other, even without an internet connection. With this, he responded to a frustration in the medical world, which kept returning to paper notes and files. At the same time, with this platform, he unconsciously set the basis for a valuable tool for today’s corona care providers.

App against Corona

Health and data are a successful match. Think of Big Data as a predictor of diseases or as a determinant of the most effective treatment methods. This sometimes life-saving collaboration is also called upon in the coronacrisis. Nijmegen based start-up Teamscope was asked by SIMIT – the Italian health organization against tropical infectious diseases – to deploy their data collection platform in Italy. Since then, the application is requested from all over the world.
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