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Hydrogen Strategy – Key Messages from East Netherlands

The regional uptake of EU’s Hydrogen Strategy is essential for the realization of EU’s ambitions, in order to become the most competitive continent by sustainable development.

“It is vital and sensible that Europe is taking big steps on hydrogen! In our region, we have renowned companies and innovative hydrogen projects, developing hydrogen technologies into common practice.” – Jan van Dellen


Key messages


  • Commitment

East Netherlands is committed to work on a Green and Sustainable Europe with a solid quadruple helix ecosystem, ready to design the energy systems of the future.


  • Hydrogen Valleys in the region

Regional innovation for establishing strong decentral sustainable energy systems


  • Focus on system integration

Linking Hydrogen as key enabling technology to system integration in the Hydrogen Value Chain


  • Upscaling

Room for large pilots and upscaling of innovative solutions of SMEs in the region


“Pushing joint development with European partners – for example in the European Hydrogen Valleys Partnership – we think it is crucial for the EU’s hydrogen strategy to invest in our European Hydrogen Valleys, SMEs and therefore also in our clusters. As a region, we contribute to the EU Green Deal by inviting all of Europe to test, develop and make use of technological hydrogen applications from, e.g., the HAN Hydrogen Lab and Connectr Energy Innovation Lab. ”

Jan van Dellen, Vice Mayor of Arnhem, Chair Economy of the Arnhem Nijmegen City Region and Member of Think East Netherlands board



Therefore, investments are needed in:

  1. Hydrogen Valleys
  2. SMEs
  3. Clusters in interregional value chains: “a human centered approach” (e.g. Dutch – German collaboration as stepping stone towards an EU integrated energy system)


Green Deal

Regional ecosystems, like the East Netherlands region, welcome the new EU Hydrogen Strategy and will fully contribute to the succes of the EU Green Deal in order to become part of the first climate neutral continent by 2050. In line with the European Commission’s visions for the European industry in 2030, technology, digitalization and the focus on sustainability we will boost Europe’s competitiveness in this sector.

Energy storage solutions are essential in the transition to a fully sustainable, clean supply of energy.

The continuous exploitation of solar and wind energy can only be effective when efficient energy storage solutions are available. Furthermore, smart grids and system integration will provide the necessary flexibility in energy supply and demand.

Energy Storage solutions can be found in batteries and alternative fuels such as hydrogen. East Netherlands hosts many innovative SMEs and researchers. Our Hydrogen Industry value chain illustrates the many examples in this field:


Value chain Hydrogen Industry

  Link to full list of organizations




More information on EU policies

EC plans for the energy system of the future and clean hydrogen




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