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Comments on EU SME strategy

Eddy van Hijum, regional minister Province of Overijssel comments on the European SME Strategy. How we can help SMEs to recover  from the  economic crisis?

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises are the backbone of Europe’s economy. They account for two third of our added value and almost the half of our jobs.

We have to help SMEs to recover  from the COVID related economic crisis. The European recovery plan does not pay enough importance to SMEs. How we can provide more liquidity and equity support to SMEs?

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Download and read our report SME Policies in Europe – 
Towards a Place-Based Approach

  1. What trade-offs do regions face when deciding upon a place-based policy strategy which seeks to strengthen the ecosystem for SMEs?
  2. What can the European Commission do to ensure a level playing field for SMEs and how can the Commission differentiate support to account for the heterogeneity of SMEs?
  3. How can local and regional governments and other regional economic actors contribute to the recovery of SMEs from the COVID-19 crisis whilst also progressing on digitisation and sustainability?



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