East Netherlands


NEXTgarden – Climate Neutral Greenhouse Farming

NEXTgarden is located in East Netherlands at the A15 agri-corridor. It is the development area for horticulture with over 235 companies and 2,150 jobs. Here, successful entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and governments work together on concrete initiatives that are making the whole production chain more smart, profitable, and sustainable. The development area is sized 735 hectare and offers plentiful space and facilities for the expansion of our successful companies. At NEXTgarden new entrepreneurs receive a warm welcome.


Climate neutral and circular food production

  • Develop and implement innovative agricultural and food production techniques that reduce the environmental impact, increase animal welfare and biodiversity;
  • Stimulate circular farming and circularity in food actively, giving space for innovations such as resource recovery, bio-material development and food waste prevention;
  • Give consumers a more central position in the chain to shift from food chains towards a more holistic, sustainable “food system”, in which the relationship up to the primary producer is strengthened;

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