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Lupin – a Plantbased Alternative in the Protein Transition

With a strong focus on protein transition, East Netherlands focuses on developing healthier and personalised food, giving consumers a more central position in the  shift from food chains towards a more holistic, sustainable “food system”, in which the relationship up to the primary producer is strengthened. New smart food business models focus on new food products, innovation in production and stimulate new earning models for nature.

Lovely Lupin is one of the many examples illustrating plantbased alternatives in the Protein Transition

Lovely Lupin

Andre Jurius and Marieke Lameris co-founders Lekker Lupine – Plantbased alternative Various Wageningen catering entrepreneurs have protein-rich homegrown lupines on the menu . The University of Wageningen and the Lekker Lupine foundation want to make legumes the Dutch alternative to soy from far away and animal proteins. Instead of getting drink nuts with the beer, or rather, guests of a few Wageningen pubs got a portion of lupine. In restaurants, bitterballen, curry and lupine soup are on the menu.


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Website Lovely Lupin! (in Dutch Lekker Lupine!)


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