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FarmResult – Sensors for AI and Food Data Analytics

 Meet one of our Smart Food Innovators, Richard Ten Cate, owner FarmResult. East Netherlands aims to enhance further steps in the digital transition in agrofood systems, including AI; leading Smart Food Innovations, from research to worldwide daily applications.


The agricultural and food industry are on the brink of revolutionising the way we produce and eat food and, are also leading a bigger movement that is fighting to help sustain our planet and nations in the future. Every link in the chain is affected, and needs to cooperate while upholding their individual competitive edge. Besides environmental and demographical challenges, consumers are increasing their demands: safer & higher quality food, better animal welfare conditions, more transparent supply chains and more sustainable food are requirements that complicate future food production. FarmResult believes that we all can come a long way in conquering challenges and meeting desires when applying disruptive technology.

FarmResult pioneers in the automatic gathering of on-farm data and aggregates this into management solutions and advisory systems. The intention is to make better decisions based on daily farm data, alerts & analytics, in combination with the knowledge and experience of the farmer.

Thus, enabling to experiment and scale-up the latest Smart Food Solutions in East Netherlands via various quadruple helix partnership set-ups like field labs, innovation & demonstration centres and living labs. Summarized we name these “test gardens”.

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