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This era of corona may have accelerated the digital world. People are working from home, more than ever. The time we spend behind a screen has increased tremendously. Cybersecurity becomes increasingly necessary; we are online more and more. The more we depend on the digital world, the more vulnerable we are to cyber-attacks, ransomware, viruses, etc. There have been more cases of cybercrime recently: in business life, and also in people’s homes. Dutch cybersecurity specialist Tesorion, which has branches in Enschede and Leusden, East Netherlands,  sees that cybercriminals respond to current events, such as corona.

There are many fake messages, the number of spam campaigns increased, and fake corona websites were launched to obtain login details of companies and individuals. Tesorion is there to protect the digital environment of companies; when they are faced with a cyber-attack, for example. Ransomware seems to be more popular than ever with cybercriminals.

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