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EU office Bolt Threads in East Netherlands

Bolt Threads, a biotech startup from Silicon Valley, opened its EU office in Arnhem, the East Netherlands, to support its supply chain for scaling Mylo, its sustainable leather alternative, in the European fashion industry. 

“When the time came to open a Bolt European office, the Netherlands was the clear choice. We had strong partnerships with businesses already, and the environment for conducting business there as a foreign firm was quite welcoming.”

Dan Windmaier, CEO & Founder Bolt Thread

A start-up from Silicon Valley, Bolt specializes in creating environmentally friendly and sustainable materials for the apparel industry and other consumer products. The Netherlands emerged as Bolt’s clear choice for expanding in Europe, due to the country’s position as a leader in sustainability.

“Bolt’s mission is to deliver way better materials for a way better world at scale, and scale plays a critical role here. In order to produce Mylo at large scale, Bolt needed to build a novel supply chain from the ground up; one that can produce millions of square feet of consistent-quality Mylo at a price that is competitive with leather, and we found the partners to help us do this in Europe,” 

Dan Widmaier, CEO and Founder of Bolt Threads.


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