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University of Twente partner in EU consortium on quantum computing

The University of Twente is one of the partners of a new European consortium on quantum computing, called QLSI (Quantum Large Scale Integration with Silicon). The partners aim at the development of quantum bits based on silicon technology. Silicon has the advantage of a mature manufacturing technology with advanced upscaling properties. Joining forces in exploiting this in quantum processors, is one of the starting points of QLSI, which is part of the ten year programme Quantum Flagship.

“This is a very strong consortium that combines strengths in silicon technology and quantum electronics. It perfectly fits the expertise we have on spins in quantum dots.”
– Prof. Floris Zwanenburg –


Programme Quantum Flagship
The quantum computer is on its way. Several times already, ‘quantum supremacy’ was demonstrated, in which a quantum computer outperforms classic supercomputers in solving very complex problems. In its Centre for Quantum Nanotechnology (QUANT), the University of Twente is developing several types of quantum building blocks. One of them is based on the well-known CMOS manufacturing technology for electronics.


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