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ERC award robotic surgery

Prof. Dr. Sarthak Misra of the University of Twente has been awarded an ERC Proof of Concept grant titled – RAMSES (Robust Actuation through Magnetism for Safe Endovascular Surgery). It is Prof. Misra’s fourth ERC grant. RAMSES follows from the results of his ERC Starting grant ROBOTAR. Within RAMSES, the researchers from the Surgical Robotics Laboratory (SRL) will develop a system for magnetically-actuated robotic surgery.

Robotic technologies are increasingly more prevalent within the field of minimally invasive surgery (MIS), helping clinicians to treat the patients quickly, precisely, and with minimal complications. Over the years, SRL has developed several robotic technologies targeting an array of procedures within MIS. A prominent research line within SRL explores magnetism to provide actuation for flexible surgical instruments and microrobots, which are employed in endovascular surgery. Magnetic flexible instruments offer a more dextrous and precise alternative to the conventional ones that are operated manually or tendon-driven. In the last decade, the researchers from SRL have designed and tested a range of novel magnetic catheters, which aim either at enhancing the currently-used surgical protocols, or provide platforms for completely new surgical tasks, which are unattainable otherwise.


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