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ECsens detects coronavirus and makes events possible again

Revolutionizing healthcare with smart technology: that is the mission of the ECsens. The researchers behind this UT spin-off are Pepijn Beekman & Dilu Mathew. In 2019, they decided to join forces. Novel-T helped bring their research to market. Because of their unique way of detecting viruses, bacteria and cancer, they quickly became well known. Dilu: “We are the first with this technique, there is nothing like it.” In 2020, they discovered that their method could also detect coronavirus. Where are they now, one year after this discovery?


When the Netherlands first had to deal with the coronavirus a year ago, Dilu and Pepijn wanted to do research. “We knew it was possible to detect viruses with our technique, so we wrote a proposal together with the University of Twente to find out about more reliable corona detection in the lab,” Pepijn says. At the time of the application, UT was closed except for corona-related research.

“We found a way in one year, something that normally takes us up to five years,” says Pepijn. Dilu adds: “Huh, we do feel like we’re five years older now.”

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Source: Novel-T, partner Think East Netherlands


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