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First sale of innovative quantum photonic processor QuiX – spinoff University of Twente

Smart & Sustainable Industries – QuiX, a photonics spinoff company of the University of Twente, announced the first sale of its innovative quantum photonic processor. The first customer is Qontrol in the UK, a leading company in photonics research.

Quantum photonic processors are the core of a quantum computer that works with light. In future, quantum computers will be used for data processing, especially in problems that conventional super computers can’t deal with anymore. A quantum computer can be built using ‘qubits’ operating at very low temperatures. Light, with photons as quantum bits, is an alternative: a processor then uses the quantum properties of photons and may even operate at room temperature.

QuiX, which was founded by the photonics research groups of the University of Twente together with the existing LioniX spinoff company, is currently developing processors for quantum processing and simulation. By using the LioniX technology platform TriPleX, QuiX can now build large-scale and fully reconfigurable photonic processors with low losses. They are transparent for all available light sources. Last December, QuiX announced a quantumphotonic processor of record size, with 12 inputs and 12 outputs.


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Source: University of Twente, partner Think East Netherlands


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