East Netherlands


Cybersecurity research University of Twente

A major research project (‘CATRIN’) on cybersecurity was recently honored by the Dutch science funding agency NWO with about 2 million euros. UT researcher Ralph Holz is the project leader. The NWO-programme contributes to the objective of the Dutch Digitalisation Strategy, which formulates the ambitions and objectives for a successful digital transition in the Netherlands. The need for a secure cyberspace in a progressively digitalising world has become increasingly clear, and inclusion, security and the protection of privacy play an important role in this.
The aim is to realise a reliable, future-proof cyber security by focusing on governance research and targeted research for the secure and reliable sharing of data. Research projects awarded funding in the area of governance and specifically for cryptologic research, will contribute to the above stated integral approach.

Research into the governance aspects of cyber security focuses on the entire knowledge chain in which all science domains, vital infrastructures and liability regimes are involved. This includes research into legislation and into (international) standards, and norms for a more secure cyberspace.