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Innovation festival Dutch Innovation Days

From 26 to 30 May, the East Netherlands -based innovation festival Dutch Innovation Days, or DID for short, takes visitors into the world of innovation, breakthrough technology and the creation of new solutions. It’s not surprising that Create Tomorrow, the world’s largest student think tank, is part of this connecting formula.

Cindy Marsman, marketing and event manager at Novel-T, partner Think East Netherlands, explains the collaboration.

“The Dutch Innovation Days initiative is aimed at bringing the innovation-minded Dutch scene together. By inspiring and connecting pioneers and creatives, new innovations are born.” Pioneering with technological innovations is exactly what Twente has had an impressive track record on for decades. “This festival in the city of Enschede gives us a stage to be able to show off the full extent of our capabilities.”

Create Tomorrow

Create Tomorrow is a perfect fit with the key theme of DID.

“More than a hundred student teams will spend a day in a ‘pressure cooker’, delving into an issue to come up with new insights and solutions. An ideal opportunity for forward-looking companies and organizations to gather fresh, new ideas. And of course to get in touch with young talents.”

This year is the first “touchdown” in a longer build-up to a recognizable formula.

“Despite Covid and the limitations, together we are making something really cool out of this event. The programming of May 27 and 28 is mainly online, and can be attended through the Dutch Innovation Days platform.

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Source: Novel-T, partner Think East Netherlands


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