East Netherlands


Smart Specialisation Strategy East Netherlands

Our provinces in East Netherlands are committed to strong and innovative entrepreneurs and powerful SMEs.  The Regional Innovation Strategy in front of you details where the innovative capacity of our regional economy lies – our strenghts and opportunities –  and outlines a clear course for the period up to and including 2027.

Smart and circular economy

In East Netherlands we are working towards a smart and clean economy. We are building on the basis that was realized in the previous RIS period. Starting from the strength of East Netherlands innovations (Agri & Food, Health, HighTech Systems and Materials, Energy & Environmental Technology) established in that period, in the coming years we will create the link with the big social challenges of our time such as the energy transition and circular economy. This will result in exciting crossovers that will form the core of the new innovation strategy.

Alignment European and government policy

The big transitions not only ask the attention of us all but are also an economic opportunity we can make use of to strengthen our competitive position as East Netherlands Region. This will be the challenge in the coming years. We can achieve this by smart cooperation and being optimally in line with European and government policy. This RS3 offers the required tools.

The Strength of East Netherlands

The RIS3 has been developed within the framework of the new ERDF period 2021-2027 and constitutes an important basis for the new Operational Programme ERDF, our economic policies and the review & update of our programme “The Strength of East (‘Kracht van Oost’). This strategy has been drawn up after extensive consultations with many stakeholders: businesses, knowledge institutes, authorities, etc. As we consider it important that the RS3 remains a dynamic document, we will regularly update this strategy together with our stakeholders.

Download PDF:  RIS3_Smart Specialisation Strategy East Netherlands 2021 – 2027


“We have every confidence that through this document and the new ERDF programme we can offer the East Netherlands economy a strong boost as from 2021 – 2027.”

C. van der Wal

Regional Minister of Gelderland

Y.J. van Hijum

Regional Minister of Overijssel