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European Digital Innovation Hubs

We currently estimate the opening of the call  European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) to be in the third quarter of 2021, with a closure of the call three months later. We also want to point you to the numerous webinars discussing the various topics following our “Gearing up towards EDIH” event in January.

In case you have missed any, please do not worry. All the events have been recorded and we have linked them and the presentations below for your convenience.

We are preparing more workshops and will keep you informed as soon as we have fixed the dates. 

Upcoming events

Upcoming workshops on European Digital Innovation Hubs

European Digital Innovation Hubs restricted call and beyond – webinars to clarify open issues.


  • 08 July 2021: Final Webinar on the study on technological and economic analysis of industry agreements in current and future digital value chains



  • 2021The DIGITAL programme and the evaluation of European Digital Innovation Hubs proposals – final arrangements and timeline. Date will be confirmed as soon as the DIGITAL programme is formally approved.


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Download presentation: 20210126_Pitch EDIH BOOST Robotics East Netherlands