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i4Trust Open Call Data Spaces – Data Sharing

i4Trust is a joint collaborative effort from FIWARE Foundation, iSHARE Foundation and Fundingbox to boost the development of innovative services around new data value chains. i4Trust helps to achieve this by providing the right tools, education, coaching and initial funding for the creation of Data Spaces enabling trustworthy and effective data sharing

The i4Trust 1st Open Call will support up to 16 consortia with mentoring support and up to €120,000 to ideate, test, pilot, and scale experiments that demonstrate how existing processes can be improved or new innovative services with the technologies, framework, and support of i4Trust. 

This will kickstart an ecosystem of collaborating SMEs and supporting DIHs will emerge in a sustainable way around such Data Spaces. 

You may have recently heard the announcement of the Data Spaces Business Alliance launched by BDVA, FIWARE Foundation, GAIA-X and IDSA. As part of this alliance, FIWARE will contribute to the open-source implementation of middleware and marketplace services based on industry standards and recommended EU building blocks, enabling the trustworthy gathering, publication, exchange and trading of data, including digital twin data. Such components are precisely the ones brought in i4Trust. 

Therefore, we consider that applying to this 1st Open Call will bring BOOST Smart Industry Hub, East-Netherlands and SMEs in your ecosystem an excellent opportunity to be at the front of the Data Spaces revolution.

Digital Innovation Hubs interested in applying to the i4Trust Open Call or collaborating as experts may learn more about these building blocks on the i4Trust website or contact us at our community helpdesk.

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