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Open CALL blockchain cluster missions Block.IS

Block.IS Cluster Missions include a roadshow of short-term brainstorming sessions, organised by clusters and for clusters across Europe. Missions aim to bring clusters together, to inspire them to learn more about the Block.IS ecosystem and to understand better how their members can benefit from the funding, business and technical support Block.IS is offering. The cluster missions roadshow will foster cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration between clusters in Europe.


Blockchain Innovation Spaces

Deadline for the final mission: 12 November 


Expected duration of participation: 2-3 days per cluster mission
Total EU funding available: €90 000 (up to €750 per participant)


Submission & evaluation process:

Clusters are crucial for the Block.IS ecosystem. We want to empower clusters to serve as multipliers of the comprehensive support our accelerator is offering to innovators. Therefore, we invite clusters and their most active members working around or willing to utilise the potential of blockchain technologies to join the Block.IS Cluster Missions.

For every one out of 15 planned cluster missions a jury panel of 3 Block.IS team members will evaluate applications (a member of the coordinator’s team, a hosting cluster representative and a representative of another cluster partner in the consortium). The final mark for each application is the arithmetic mean of assessments given by each jury member.



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