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Open CALL Digital Twinning for manufacturing SMEs – Change2Twin

The Change2Twin project is co-funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.  The main purpose of Change2Twin is to provide assessment and guidance to European manufacturing companies to boost their digitization potential by adopting digital twin technology.

For this Open call, we are looking for end-user SMEs and mid-caps interested in developing and implementing digital twin technology. Up to 11 manufacturing SMEs and midcaps will be selected to receive up to €90 000 as a lump sum to cover the costs to deploy and implement technology and systems applicable to digital twins for manufacturing together with technical mentorship to support the experiment in each phase of its implementation from user requirements to design specification.


The ideal use case should use digital twin technology for one or several of the following purposes:

  • Virtual Design: Model-based system engineering, including analysis and design, ensuring that requirements are met and providing for seamless integration, test, verification and validation.
  • Customer Engagement: Interactive display of the system and its capabilities, for customers to understand how it meets their needs and how they will use it.
  • Commissioning: Checking the on-site implementation of a system against its design as captured in the digital twin to detect commissioning faults or anomalies.
  • Feedback to Engineering: Capturing usage characteristics with the digital twin to inform engineering of needs to change designs, or for future designs, or of operational risks.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring of a system’s operation by the digital twin that is then able to, e.g., detect anomalies, performance degradation, etc.
  • Optimisation & Best Quality: Process control with the digital twin to optimise a systems operation for best performance and efficiency.
  • Scheduling: Organisation of workflows based on actual data and insights provided by the digital twin.
  • Diagnosis: Investigation of the cause or nature of a fault condition, situation, or problem in the physical system by reasoning on live data within the digital twin.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Maintenance and service of a physical system that lessens the likelihood of failures based on the observed and inferred system state as visible in the digital twin.
  • Smart Logistics: Logistic processes that adapt to live data of needs and options as visible in the digital twin.
  • Smart Systems: Systems that adapt to their dynamic environment, state, or tasks and potentially learn how to do that best. The digital twin is then a core part of the system’s control.

The proposed use cases must increase the digital maturity of the end user, and the project should eventually provide clear lessons learned to be shared with the manufacturing community in Europe.


Create and Harvest Offerings to support Manufacturing SMEs to become Digital Twin Champions

Deadline: 29 October 2021, at 17.00 


Expected duration of participation: 11 months
Total EU funding available: €990 000
Maximum amount of financial support for each third party: Up to €90 000
Legal entities cannot receive more than €100 000 via open calls from H2020 I4MS and SAE projects. In case that the applicant has received funding, but under the mentioned threshold (€100 000) from above mentioned sources applicants are expected to modify their budget accordingly, if possible, considering the project and attributed tasks, respecting the no “double funding rule”.


Submission & evaluation process:

The applicants can submit a proposal through

The selection of the open call proposals will be carried out in a three-step process. Step one will check the proposals against eligibility criteria. Step two will involve external evaluation to assess the proposal according to the criteria. Step three will involve the Change2Twin consortium in a Consensus Meeting. For further information see the Guide of Applicants.


Further information: For further information about Change2Twin project, please visit




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