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Open CALL for AI Talents BonsAPPS

BonsAPPs main objective is to increase AI usage by enterprises and SMEs which lack internal innovation capabilities through a fully functional cycle for the development of AI Apps at the Edge and the Deep Edge that turns their challenges into feasible and re-usable AI Solutions.  In the frame of this 1st Open Call, we are looking for AI Talents (data scientists, AI developers and AI integrators) that will become part of the 5-month BonsAPPs Support Programme during which BonsAPPs partners will offer the access and support to use Bonseyes Marketplace tools and services for the development of an AI@Edge Solution responding to a specific industrial need of sectoral relevance.


AI-as-a-Service for the Deep Edge

Deadline:  2 November 2021

The Final Countdown for AI Talents Open Call: Q&A and Tips


Link to Q&A online event: Q&A and Tips 21 Oct. 3:30


Expected duration of participation: First stage – 2 months (30 AI talents) // Second stage – 3 months (10 AI talents)
Total EU funding available: €70 000 (including €10 000 for HPC Cloud services)


Submission & evaluation process:

Submission through the application form available on

The selection of the Open Call proposals will be carried out in a four-step process.

  • Step 1 will check the proposals against eligibility criteria.
  • Step 2 will involve external evaluation to assess the proposal according to the criteria.
  • Step 3 will involve the BonsAPPs consortium to choose the proposals based on the external evaluation results and the objectives of the BonsAPPS project.
  • Step 4 will include the review of legal documents before the Sub Grant Agreement signature.

For further information see the Guide of Applicants section 4.


Further information:
Open call application form:
Open call helpdesk email:
Project website:


Applicants and eligibility:

  • Natural Person (entrepreneur or PhD Researchers), individually or organized in a team of maximum 5 persons OR
  • One Registered Legal Entity that is an SME or Mid Cap or Research and Technology Organization

That are registered/have citizenship or legal residence in:

  • The Member States of the European Union and its Overseas Countries and Territories OR
  • Associated Countries to H2020 OR
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


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