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Open CALL Corporate Challenges: call for advanced tech solution proposals PITCCH 15 Nov

Pan-European Open Innovation Network for Corporate Challenges in advanced technologies (PITCCH) calls for SMEs/startups  to propose advanced technologies-based solutions to solve the Challenges of Big Corporations.


Project acronym: PITCCH
Grant agreement number: 882463
Publication Date: 1 October 2021
Deadline: 15 November 2021, at 17.00 (CET – Brussels time)
Expected duration of participation: 6 months
Total EU funding available: €75 000
Maximum amount of financial support for each third party: €15 000 for SME/Startup

Submission & evaluation process:

Applicants shall register in the PITCCH Platform to apply to one or more Challenges. The Application Procedure consists of two stages: Application Stage 1 and Application Stage 2. The Application Stage 1 is the proposal. An eligibility check will be performed by the PITCCH consortium and an evaluation by the Big Corporation responsible of the Challenge according to the criteria provided by PITCCH. The Application Stage 2 is the pitch of the proposed solution in front of the Big Corporation. Evaluation will be carried out by members of the Big Corporation moderated by PITCCH.

PITCCH platform




Additional information:

Funding Scheme

Third-parties in-kind contributions against payment (art.11)

Selected applicants will receive €5 000.00 for costs related to the implementation of the 6-months project (personnel, consumables); €10 000.00 for costs related to access to services and infrastructure of the Technology Centre selected by the applicant; and free-of-charge access to the PITCCH brokerage services.

Thematic priority

There will be 5 different challenges with different thematic, listed below:

  • Automated Samplers for Environmental Monitoring
    Challenge owner: SGS
    Thematic area: Environment
    Advanced technology sought for: microelectronics; nanotechnology; digital technologies; industrial biotechnology
  • Fly Ash as feedstock to specialty materials
    Challenge owner: MONDI AG
    Area: Industry
    Advanced technology sought for: advanced materials
  • Food Recognition APP
    Challenge owner: ELECTROLUX;
    Area: Food
    Advanced technology sought for: artificial intelligence, connectivity
  • Production of Bio-Butadiene from Ethanol
    Challenge owner: REPSOL
    Area: Energy
    Advanced technology sought for: Industrial Biotechnology
  • Truly organic 3D printing material
    Thematic area: Industry, advanced manufacturing
    Advanced technology sought for: Advanced materials

Contract type

Third Party In-kind contribution against payment Agreement with the PITCCH consortium

Eligibility requirements

The applicant shall be a legal entity in compliance with the definition of SME given in the EU recommendation 2003/361 and established in one of the EU Member States or an H2020 Associate country.

The applicant to participate shall:

  1. be an individual SME or Startup. Consortia of SMEs or Startups are not considered eligible;
  2. propose a solution that addresses the Challenge described by the BC.
  3. propose a solution based on advanced technologies.

The applicant may address more than one Challenge under the same cut-off, but must specify the level of preference for the Challenge.

The selected Applicant shall select a Technology Centre to be involved in the implementation of the 6 months project as a service provider.

Evaluation criteria

Eligibility check: compliance with the eligibility criteria; use of proper language in the application Forms; comprehensiveness and completeness of the application forms; relevance of the proposed solution to the Challenge description.

Proposal evaluation: Criteria at company level (45%): SME’s fit to the Challenge area; technological capability; technology readiness; financial factor; firm size; conditions for innovation and learning capability. Criteria at solution level (55%): Relevance of the proposed solution to the Challenge requirement; Value proposition/ innovativeness; Impact- Added Value; Quality of Implementation and capacity of the proposed team.

Pitch evaluation: visual material and presentation; solution-related aspects; business-related aspects.

Proposal format

On-line form available on the PITCCH platform

Project Coordinator and consortium

The PITCCH project is coordinated by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, together with TNO the Netherlands Organisation for applied sc