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Open Calls EU projects December ’21 – January ’22

15th December | Manufacturing | Up to €100k

KITT4SME project is looking for SMEs or Mid-Caps having a mature AI solution to integrate it for the SMEs in the manufacturing sector to the KITT4SME platform.    

👉Apply before 15th December.


15th December | Healthcare / Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Big Data | up to €250k

ASCAPE‘s first open call will select healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors, research centres and SMEs) to evaluate its platform and the developed AI Models, and SMEs specialising in AI/Machine Learning or research teams with expertise in cancer-related medical applications to expand the platform application to other medical conditions. Beneficiaries will receive funding, access to AI models, Ascape solutions and synthetic data, among others.

👉Apply before 15th December.


15 January 2022 Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) | Up to €53k 

eSSIF-Lab has launched its final, extra call for SMEs, research organisations, and not-for-profit entities. The call aims at completing or reinforcing specific areas of the eSSIF-Lab Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Framework, through 2 tracks: one focused on the SSI Solutions, another on business-oriented extensions to the SSI basic infrastructure of eSSIF-Lab.

👉 Apply before 15th January 2022.


17th January 2022 | Customised Low-Energy Computing / Cyber-Physical Systems / Internet of Things | Up to €80k

SMART4ALL’s second open call for Cross-Domain Technology Transfer Experiments gives the opportunity to form synergies, accelerate product-oriented projects and offer guidance towards successful commercialisation for academia, tech providers and the industry.

 👉 Apply before 17th January 2022


20th January 2022Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Energy Up to €50k

I-NERGY‘ first open call is looking for SMEs and Startups developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms and services applicable to the energy sector, to be part of a 6-month support program. 

👉 Apply before 20th January 2022



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