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24 MARCH 2022 | Eurostars | R&D Innovations

Eurostars is a funding instrument that supports innovative SMEs and project partners (large companies, universities, research organisations and other types of organisations) by funding international collaborative R&D and innovation projects. By participating, organisations from 37 countries can access public funding for international collaborative R&D projects in all fields.

  • Define your project idea
  • Collaborate internationally, sharing expertise
  • Develop products, processes or services that can be easily commercialised

You can submit your R&D and innovation project application between 21 January 2022 and 24 March 2022 at 14:00 CET. Your project consortium must have an innovative SME in the leading role, but it can also include other types of organisations like large companies, universities, research organisations and more.

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AI REGIO – coming in March ’22 | Artificial Intelligence – Smart Industry |

Up to € 100.000

Open Calls in AI REGIO aim at further expanding and extending the impact to other European regions and focus on the adoption of AI applications to the business operations of SMEs.

This way, innovative AI experiments in manufacturing are going to become digital game changers for Europe and its regions.

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15th December | Manufacturing | Up to €100k

KITT4SME project is looking for SMEs or Mid-Caps having a mature AI solution to integrate it for the SMEs in the manufacturing sector to the KITT4SME platform.    

👉Apply before 15th December.


15th December | Healthcare / Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Big Data | up to €250k

ASCAPE‘s first open call will select healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors, research centres and SMEs) to evaluate its platform and the developed AI Models, and SMEs specialising in AI/Machine Learning or research teams with expertise in cancer-related medical applications to expand the platform application to other medical conditions. Beneficiaries will receive funding, access to AI models, Ascape solutions and synthetic data, among others.

👉Apply before 15th December.


15 January 2022 Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) | Up to €53k 

eSSIF-Lab has launched its final, extra call for SMEs, research organisations, and not-for-profit entities. The call aims at completing or reinforcing specific areas of the eSSIF-Lab Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Framework, through 2 tracks: one focused on the SSI Solutions, another on business-oriented extensions to the SSI basic infrastructure of eSSIF-Lab.

👉 Apply before 15th January 2022.


17th January 2022 | Customised Low-Energy Computing / Cyber-Physical Systems / Internet of Things | Up to €80k

SMART4ALL’s second open call for Cross-Domain Technology Transfer Experiments gives the opportunity to form synergies, accelerate product-oriented projects and offer guidance towards successful commercialisation for academia, tech providers and the industry.

 👉 Apply before 17th January 2022


20th January 2022Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Energy Up to €50k

I-NERGY‘ first open call is looking for SMEs and Startups developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms and services applicable to the energy sector, to be part of a 6-month support program. 

👉 Apply before 20th January 2022



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