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Cooperation EFFRA and Vanguard Initiative

On the 25th of  November, during the Annual Political Meeting of the Vanguard Network in Brussels, the cooperation agreement between the Vanguard Network and EFFRA was signed.  Factories of the Future provides a regional perspective in Horizon Europe partnership and support for regional SMEs to participate in European projects.  

Members from both networks were present, either digitally or physically, for this important moment. Today marks an important milestone for the collaboration between these two initiatives, and all members are looking forward to the actions as a result of this collaboration.


Eddy van Hijum, Deputy of the province Overijssel represented the region of East Netherlands and is looking forward to the collaboration of the two initiatives:

“Cross-border cooperation and cross-regional is necessary to improve the competitiveness of industry in Europe, which is now more needed than ever.

By signing this collaboration we can pull resources to put our joint priorities into practice. Let’s get back to work with all the interesting projects that we have in mind for the future, transforming our industry in a green and digital way, which is our common goal.


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