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Health Valley Event 2022 – Wrap-up

At Health Valley Event 2022, 15 – 17 March in Nijmegen, East Netherlands, more than 1000 visitors joined us online or in the venue with 25+ nationalities. Visitors joined one or more of the 42+ inspiration sessions by more than 80 (international) speakers. They walked around the exhibition floor and met the 60+exhibitors who demonstrated to  their latest healthcare innovations. And maybe they found their match in one of the more than 175 1-on-1 matchmaking meetings or during the matchmaking dinners!


Science Meets Regions – Think East Netherlands


Smart Health:

Integration of communities of care in interregional and regional S3 implementation

How to integrate communities of care in regional ecosystems and to ensure their role in strengthening innovation? The different ecosystem players and all interested organisations are invited to discuss this challenge in a workshop. During the session, a trainer from the European Joint Research Centre will guide the participants in search of different perspectives on the challenge. In Europe already several initiatives have emerged such as the Vanguard Initiative pilot on Smart Health and Transform. After a brief introduction on their approach the session aims to engage stakeholders to produce concrete actions and practical manners to engage communities of care in innovation.




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Video Health Valley Event

Watch the retrospective of Health Valley Event 2022:


Wrap-Up Dolf Jansen

Watch the wrap-up of Health Valley Event 2022 by Dolf Jansen:


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