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Services to be developed within AI REGIO in BOOST DIH

In the latest newsletter of AI Regio, the DIH introced itself and explained more about their services.  A recap of the information below. 

The BOOST Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) aims to support regional SMEs in their transition to Smart Industry and Sustainability. It is located in the East Netherlands and focuses on the Smart Industry, Robotics, and Sensors.

BOOST DIH is developing new and extending number of services and measurements within the AI REGIO  project, which are as follows:

It is aimed to carry out an investigation of the current trends and developments in the field of Smart Industry. Data sources from stakeholders of the DIH will be used for this purpose. This will help to detect the trends and available solutions that the hub would consider to start offering. The outcome will be shared in a compass that gives direction for the coming years.

The goal of the improved service is to identify opportunities in our regional ecosystem. It is planned to collect, map, and analyse the opportunities that regional companies and members of the BOOST Innovation Hub see in the field of AI and Smart Industry. 
The mapping and analysis of the ecosystem will enable the identification of the needs and requirements of the demand. At the same time, it enables a better service offering as the needs of the ecosystem are appropriately detected.

Improvement of collaborative innovation and problem solving among companies in the field of Smart Industry is the goal of the improved service of the DIH.
Collaborative sessions will be worked out to improve idea- and knowledge sharing. It will foster the innovation and problem solving capabilities of the companies that are active in the Smart Industry sector in the Eastern part of the Netherlands.

The improved service is intended to provide more in-depth insights on how digitisation can work for regional SMEs. The aim is also to include inspiring examples of digitisation from other regions in order to strengthen the peer-to-peer learning for SMEs.
This should result in more inspired SMEs that also become more familiar with the services of the BOOST DIH and the DIHs across Europe

It is planned to develop an overview and structured mapping of the regional skills ecosystem focusing on digitisation skills. This will supplement the current more generic overview of all educational services related to Smart Industry in the region.
This means creating a digital catalogue with the different types of training, courses, education pathways as well tailor-made skills solutions that the different regional stakeholders have to offer on digitalisation for the regional SMEs in the field of Smart Industry, Medtech & prevention and Smart Food Production.
The catalogue will provide an online overview of the supply side of the DIH. This service is part of the development towards the regional EDIH.


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