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Artificial Pancreas for Diabetes – Inreda Diabetic

Personalised Health, Diabetes – An artificial pancreas allows diabetes patients to live a healthy, carefree life again. This MedTech innovation won several Awards for Inreda Diabetic, amongst others the National Icon 2019. For medical specialists, the innovation is a nice contribution to bring about affordable people-oriented health care.

Regulates insulin levels

Inreda Diabetic designed a bi-hormonal artificial pancreas that regulates the patient’s insulin levels. The device is autonomous and regulates the blood glucose levels without the patient’s input of the amount of carbs, of calculating the right insulin dose, injecting the insulin, etc. Non-stop, day and night – the device self-measures the blood glucose levels and monitor the levels getting higher or lower. When necessary, the device administers insulin to lower glucose levels, or glucagon to make them higher.

Care less, do more. Just enjoy life.

“Our goal is to make the artificial pancreas available for everyone who needs it. Otherwise, the diabetes controls your life and takes centre stage.”

– Robin Koops, founder of Inreda Diabetic.

Inreda Diabetic developed a device that regulates blood glucose levels 100% reliable, 24/7. As national icon, Inreda Diabetic is ensured of the full support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate in internationalising in or outside of European R&D projects.


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