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Smart Industry, MedTech – Up to 300 small and medium life science enterprises (SME’s) with proven innovative concepts may potentially boost their businesses through new collaborations in 11 North West European regions. Boost4Health is a European funded project, which, based on a program concept of small incentives and focused coaching, aims to support the selected European small and medium life science enterprises in their efforts to boost their businesses cross borders. In return the SME’s enrolled in the program will share experiences for the benefit of other European SME’s.

What does the project offer for entrepreneurs?

The support programme consists of 3 outputs that will directly help SMEs overcome barriers for international growth:

* International business growth strategy programme with coaching and matchmaking provided by support organisations, experts and peer companies

* Marketplace and €1,2M micro-funding programme (vouchers between 500 and 5000 euro) to access international expertise (e.g. market insights, legal support), facilities (e.g. incubator, lab space), partners (e.g. business development support) and financing (e.g. innovative procurement, crowd-funding)

* European product validation network (clinical trial sites, hospitals, home care) for validating life science innovations with users abroadB4H uses innovative mechanisms where SMEs help other SMEs, building a strong transnational community that lasts beyond the project and positions NWE as a key life science hub.


Who else may benefit from this project?

Service providers in the Life Sciences & Health sector, supporting product development of innovative SME’s may benefit from direct export sales. By adding service providers to the online platform, we will offer you a window to the EU, attracting international SME’s to spend their vouchers for your services. This will lead to new contact, future customers and export sales

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