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Data-driven Transition – Circular Food Production

In Circular Food Production data makes the difference.  The regional strength is bundled in Th!nk East NL icon project “Data-driven Transition in Food”. That enhances further steps in the digital transition in agrofood systems, including AI applications.

Circular Farming

In this specific video, we are zooming in on the theme Data makes the Difference in Circular Farming. Circular Farming is not only connecting the physical streams (like mineral inputs from cows and pigs to feed the crops) but also about the data that monitor, connects and steers the circles and food system. How can this be implemented in a logical and useful way? The concept is developed by VKON and FarmResult, two organisations active in the livestock sector and coming from region Twente, The Netherlands. With special thanks to training dairy farm Crumelhaeve and Mineral Valley Twente.

Although many innovations are already in use, intelligent combination of data sources, actuators and management systems in a meaningful way will be needed to overcome the societal challenges as quick as possible.

Data-driven Transition in Food

Th!nk East Netherlands therefore installed the icon project “Data-driven Transition in Food” to show its know-how and be ready to accelerate the uptake of digital solution in EU projects in a cooperative and coordinated way. Please let us know if you are interested in this subject and want to co-operate on a European scale. 

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Websites VKON and FarmResult


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