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Data-driven Transition – Precision Farming

Drones steering ground-robots: data for precision farming in open field and orchards, combining  data in manageable information, tracking within and along chains, use of robots, giving transparency to the consumer etc. These are all part of the twin transition organisations are currently going through; sustainability and digitalisation. In East Netherlands, we develop and implement innovative agricultural and food production techniques that reduce the environmental impact, increase animal welfare and biodiversity.

Precision Farming

In this specific video, we are zooming in on precision farming and the combined use of aerial robots (or drones) and grund robots to use the power of both. E.g. to detect plant diseases like mildew by a drone with a hyperspectral camera, followed by an action of a ground robot to fight this disease in and early phase and only at the spot where the disease is coming up.

The concept is set-up by Saxion Applied University in Enschede, and regional companies DRONExpert / Spectro AG (drones, camera, #AI) and RIWO Engineering (ground robot).

Data-driven Transition in Food

The icon project ‘Data-driven Transition in Food’ is installed in 2020 to accelerate the uptake of digital solutions in agro & food in Europe. During the European Week of Regions and Cities 2020 we promoted this theme in an online workshop. Organizing partners were Region FoodValley, Saxion University for Applied Sciences, OnePlanet Research Center, FoodValleyNL and Oost NL.

Please let us know if you are interested in this subject and want to co-operate on a European scale.

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