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Unique liaison between Food and Health – The Diverzio Foundation

Personalised Food & Nutrition – The Diverzio foundation, based in Wijchen, East Netherlands, has developed a program that educates health care institutions in preparing delicious, healthy, local and sustainable food for their clients. The food is so good that patients are eating better, which contributes to a faster recovery and less food waste. Moreover, the approach saves money.

“I discovered that regional farmers struggle to sell their excellent produce, even though a wide range of quality products are offered, varying from wines, meat and vegetables from Groesbeek to fruits from the Betuwe. That is why I started looking for large consumers, and came up with hospitals and nursing homes.”

National impact

It started with the cooperation between the Sint Maartenskliniek and suppliers of local fresh produce. After that, Diverzio received so many requests from all over the country that they decided to start working professionally and to develop programs that can be used by all health care institutions. Co-founder Koen Nouws Keij: “We are coming to a tipping point: of the total of 800 hospitals and health care institutions, over a hundred institutions are using our programs now. Subsequently, our programs are becoming the standard.”

Program Sustainable and Healthy at the Table

This program consists of five master classes on the subject of purchase, sustainability and realistic planning. Participants also receive coaching on the job, course material and many practical tips and tricks. Diverzio supplies an online monitor that shows progress, client satisfaction, finance and wastage. The participating institutions get to know each other, thus create a profitable network of participants.

Program Healthy Short Chains

The Program Healthy Short Chains focuses on Agrifood entrepreneurs who want to supply sustainably to health care institutions in their region. The chain is shorter, the farmer gets a good price and the client eats better. During the final meeting, farmers pitch before the network of health care institutions that participate in the Program Sustainable and Healthy at the Table.


  • The Diverzio foundation was founded in 2011, and now works with over 150 partners across the Netherlands.
  • The Program Sustainable and Healthy at the Table was carried out with the support of the Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports, Foundation De Friesland and Rabobank.
  • Already, cost savings of more than 5 million Euros have been made by health care institutions.
  • The Program Healthy Short Chains is for suppliers of fresh produce and runs since 2017. Applying is possible via the website.

Source: The Economic Board

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