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Chips and Digital Technologies – OnePlanet Research Center

Smart Industry, Smart Health, Smart Food production – Chip and digital technology innovations for a sustainable future in food, agriculture and health. Digital technologies are seen as the key enablers in order to develop the necessary solutions. At OnePlanet Research Center a team of researchers and engineers transform ideas into applicable chip and digital technologies, within the fields of precision healthcare, and sustainable agriculture & food. By combining hardware innovations with AI innovations, OnePlanet is convinced that we can solve some of the world’s problems, while at the same time delivering a competitive edge to customers.


Concepts for a Healthy Life

OnePlanet Research Center is a multidisciplinary collaboration agreement between Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Radboud University, Radboudumc and imec. OnePlanet uses the latest chip and digital technologies to create a society in which everyone can live a healthy life and has access to healthy and sustainable food.

Smart Industries

OnePlanet initiates fundamental and applied research, groundbreaking innovations and smart product applications. This is only possible by using and bringing together great ideas, innovations and chip and digital technologies from different disciplines and work closely together with industry.

Sustainable Society

OnePlanet ensures that companies, education, researchers, social institutions and citizens work together: combine specialisms from the fields of agriculture, food and health and turn dreams into feasible solutions that contribute to a more sustainable society.


OnePlanet – Sustainable Technology for a Better Tomorrow from OnePlanet on Vimeo.

Sensor solutions Smart Food Production


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