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Radiation shielding against medical isotopes – Von Gahlen

MedTech – Von Gahlen is an exceptionally innovative company which knowledge and skill are the top of nuclear medicine. As a region, we can be proud of the company, although this gem is still relatively unknown by the region itself. Von Gahlen developed from production company to knowledge organisation in lead shielding against medical isotopes.

Von Gahlen has been recommended as gem of the region, both by the Liemer business association and the city of Zevenaar. In addition, it is a good momentum: this family business celebrates its 45th anniversary. The company is very involved in its employees and region. Together with regional suppliers it is responsible for considerable employment. For this, Von Gahlen received the ‘Parel-award’ by the hands of The Economic Board director Sigrid Helbig on 19 December.

Von Gahlen

This modern producer of shielding products made from lead has an important role in the chain of nuclear medicine. Von Gahlen’s products are aimed at shielding the radiation generated by the production and use of medical isotopes. Medical isotopes are atoms that are charged with radioactivity for the diagnostics and treatment of diseases such as cancer. Clients from all over the world are supplied with reliable products that surpass industrial standards and safety requirements.

“You have a very talented group of people”, a client told us recently. Such words make us proud.

Von Gahlen builds production facilities for producers of radioactive medicine worldwide. Often, these are complete laboratory furnishings for academic hospitals such as the VUmc in Amsterdam, UMCG in Groningen and the Radboud UMC in Nijmegen. Jaap Duiker, who is directing the company together with his brother Alex explains:

“If we produce good things for them that are satisfactory, then they will share this with hospitals in America, India and Australia.” Meanwhile, Von Gahlen has established a global client base.

“They choose our quality level, but also our flexibility and expertise. We sit as an advisor at the table.”

Knowledge organisation

The quality level was achieved by Jaap and his brother by investing a lot of energy in their employees to evolve from a production company to a knowledge organisation. Alex Duiker: “Our product has become increasingly complex over the years. We invested much in the group of people who develop and build the product together with us. Together we shape this transition. Knowledge is our power. Our clients recognise this. “You have a very talented group of people”, a client told us recently. Such words make us proud.”
Focus on the long term
Recruiting people in this tight labour market is difficult, especially because the company is relatively unknown within the region. On the other hand, the need is growing. “The focus on radioactive therapy will increase in the coming years, so we will need more and more employees”, Jaap explains. “With us, you can make a difference by contributing to a unique product that serves an important goal. In our company, this means taking initiative and thinking outside the box. All this from a team effort to excel our client’s expectations.”

This family company has a lot to offer. Alex:

“We focus on the long term. The social aspect causes us to sometimes make different decisions than companies that operate in the interest of stockholders. A social company of people who together create the best products with engagement, energy and commitment to our customers.”

Local suppliers

The brothers complete each other and remember their origins. They produce the lead parts themselves, but many suppliers are from the neighbourhood. Imagine steel constructions, stainless steel parts and spraying. “We deliver custom work. That is why we need a good price-quality ratio. We can achieve this together with our local suppliers. We provide employment by which our region becomes stronger.”


  • Von Gahlen builds production facilities for producers of radioactive medicine worldwide, such as academic hospitals
  • With over 45 years of experience, Von Gahlen is specialist in lead shielding against medical isotopes used for diagnostics and treatment of diseases such as cancer
  • Von Gahlen is a knowledge organisation and produces reliable products that surpass industrial standards and safety requirements
  • Over the years, Von Gahlen has expanded to a company of 85 employees
  • Their quality products are used from America, to India and Australia: from small containers for syringes to custom made Hot Cells
  • The services for the global client base consist of engineering production, assembling and service for the supplied equipment


Source: The Economic Board

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