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Smart energy solutions and microgrids – Witteveen + Bos

Witteveen + Bos engineers and consultants support companies in the field of smart energy control, thermal buffering, battery storage, electric mobility, hydrogen, possibilities in the field of direct lines, microgrids and Local Energy Communities.  When it comes to innovative organisational and financial models, Witteveen+Bos helps to find the best solution for the energy systems of the future e.g.:

  • Electric mobility, hydrogen
  • Smart control and energy storage
  • Microgrids, direct lines and Local Energy Communities



Energy transition

We are in the midst of a transition from traditional central energy production to decentralised flexible energy sources. Many companies and governments have already invested in PV installations, wind turbines and other renewable energy sources. However, these renewable energy sources have a variable energy production that is not geared to their own energy consumption, so that part of the energy they produce themselves is not consumed. By using smart control, energy sharing or energy storage, it is possible to make optimal use of this renewable energy and maximise the return on the investment.


Witteveen+Bos’ engineers and consultants possess an intrinsic drive to resolve complex issues and help society to progress. The energy transition, climate adaptation, flooding problems, healthy cities, circular economy and large-scale replacement of infrastructure are only some of the major challenges that we can help with. Witteveen+Bos advises and helps clients in making the right choices. At the core, our work is about knowledge: bringing together the right expertise to help solve these challenges in a sustainable manner.

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