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Sustainable battery technology – Elestor

Sustainable Industry, low-cost renewable energy storage – Redox flow batteries (RFBs) are a promising technology for renewable energy storage. However, obstacles such as costly and scarce materials, the short lifetime of catalysts, and the system’s complexity and safety problems have prevented introduction to the mass market. The EU-funded MELODY project aims to develop a sustainable RFB technology that will significantly reduce electricity storage costs by 2030.

Triple cost reduction strategy

To achieve this, the project will apply a unique triple cost reduction strategy to the standard RFB concept, while also tackling the current technology’s technical problems in an integrated manner. This work will pave the way for a more extensive integration of renewables in the European energy mix.



Cutting the cost of electricity storage is ELESTOR’s mission. This is why ELESTOR uses low cost and abundant active materials, a compact cell that is easily manufactured, and a (patented) simplified system design.
This triple cost reduction strategy has resulted in the lowest possible cost for storing electricity. The Elestor solution is robust, has a long lifetime, no self-discharge and delivers power quickly. Learn more about the Elestor technology »



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