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Final Open Call for Knowledge Transfer Experiments

KTEs are a short-term (3 months) internship projects between two different  entities from two different Countries (see eligible countries below):  one Academic/Industrial partner who act as Sending Organization and one  Academic/Industrial partner who act as Host Organization.

Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE) comprise  a novel type of experiments allowing smaller projects, or less mature  ideas to be presented, tested and thus potentially find the fertile  ground to grow and reveal its product potentials.

The following types of organisations are eligible to participate in the call:

  • Universities and other Academic Institutions
  • SME and Slightly Bigger Companies, as defined in the EU recommendation 2003/361.  Slightly Bigger Companies are defined respectively as organisations  with a staff headcount below 500 employees and a turnover below €100M. 

System Integrators and/or Technology Providers,  i.e. any type of organisation specialised in technology transfer or  system integration, serving the needs of end-users, provided they can be  categorised in one of the two previous types of beneficiaries.

For  this KTE Open Call, a Sending and Host organisation shall apply  together as a consortium. The application has to be submitted by the lead Industrial partner.  
The members of the consortia can agree on a  bi-directional transfer of knowledge but there has to be always an  organisation sending a member of its staff to an organisation from  another country hosting him or her. Additionally, the Leading Partner must always have an Industrial partner status (SME or Slightly Bigger company).
Eligible Countries For this KTE Open Call, the following countries will be eligible: 




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