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Donders Session – Neuroeducation: fact or fiction?

February 20 @ 10:00 - 12:00

Healthy Brain – Neuroeducation has a tumultuous history and standing, with both fierce proponents and opponents, both in science and practice. Some scientists wholeheartedly study the crossroads of education and cognitive neuroscience and offer neuroeducation insights to the public, which are taken up greedily by many teachers. Other scientists refer to neuroeducation as a “bridge too far” (…), stating neuroscience cannot bring anything new to the education domain. Where does fact stop and fiction start?

The Donders Session “Neuroeducation: fact or fiction?” will be organized by the Social Educational Neuroscience (SENSe) group.

Artificial Intelligence

The group Social Educational Neuroscience (SENSe) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) focuses on how we interact with other human beings and exploit current and explore missing knowledge to foster educational learning. Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence are integrated to understand, model, and foster learning.

Red Room, Trigon

Social Educational Neuroscience (SENSe) group