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EWRC – Workshop 2. FoodData.S

2020-10-22 @ 09:30 - 11:00

FoodData.S – Digitalization in Food Data Systems

Th!nk East Netherlands. Think Smart Food Production.

Side event EURegionsWeek


Link to definitive Programme Workshop 2.

 Download PDF: Programme Workshop Data-driven Transition in Food Production


Workshop – ‘Data-driven transition in food production systems’

Th!nk East Netherlands – a cooperation of 24 partners in region East Netherlands –  installed the icon project ‘Data-driven Transition in Food’ to accelerate the uptake of digital solutions in agro & food in Europe. This EWRC2020 side event will show the region’s know-how and willingness to cooperate on a European scale.

Organizing partners are Regio Foodvalley, Saxion Applied University, OnePlanet Research Center, FoodvalleyNL and Oost NL.

In the event, a view on the future food system in the EU will be shared by experts from our ecosystem, with a focus on smart connections from farm to fork. After the introduction, an interactive dialogue will be set-up around three themes:

  1. Drones steering ground-robots: data for precision farming in open field and orchards
  2. Living Lab Livestock: promoting health, welfare and farmer incomes by data-driven farm-management
  3. Reduction of agro-emissions by novel sensoring methods in population dense areas

For all three themes examples will be shown and meaningful future projects can be foreseen, all in relation to EU’s Farm to Fork strategy. Enthusiastic regional partners from NL are ready to team up with you! Please let us know in which subject you are most interested and want to co-operate on a European scale.

The session will take place via Zoom on 22th of October 2020, from 9:30 to 11:00



Please note that participation to the session is upon registration (free). We invite you to sign up via mail to us:

Please state your name, email and organisation.

More info: Jouke Kardolus

Background perspective

The European ‘Farm to Fork Strategy’ is highly dependent on the effective use of data to:

  • capture more data via existing and new sensors;
  • track within and along supply chains;
  • provide full transparency to end-users and consumers;
  • robotise;
  • apply artificial intelligence in order to translate data combinations into manageable information.

Organisations are currently confronted with dual challenges: sustainability and digitalisation. Although the agro-food sector adapts innovations already, more intelligent combination of data sources, actuators and meaningful management systems will be needed to overcome societal challenges.

For more information on the European Week of Regions and Cities you can visit: EWRC 2020.


09:30 - 11:00


European Sustainable Energy Week



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