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‘Innovation Show 2021 – How Smart is Your Food?’

2021-03-03 @ 08:00 - 17:00

March 2021, the AER, in partnership with Gelderland Province (NL) and Th!nk East Netherlands are delighted to bring you ‘Innovation Show 2021 – How Smart is Your Food?’ Innovation in food systems is allowing us to develop food that is more nutritious, more resource-efficient and cheaper to produce. Everything from fighting climate change, improving global health to promoting gender equality can benefit from advances in food technology and improvements in various levels of the food system.

Local and regional authorities have a key role to play here, acting as a link between stakeholders on the ground; building partnerships, fostering collaboration and driving innovation.

This event will be an chance to:

• Share experiences from regions on the development and impact of smart food and smart food value chains;
• Hear what opportunities and challenges stakeholders see in the food innovation field;
• Examine the role of regions and what new roles are emerging;
• Discuss the social and economic impact of food innovation, and what this means for policymakers;
• Share perspectives on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on innovation, especially when it comes to funding.

Register below, read the agenda and meet the speakers here!

We live in a world where thanks to technology, everything is getting “smarter”.
Our watches monitor our blood-pressure, our cars can drive themselves, and since the pandemic, the high-rise, multi-story workspaces that dominate our city skylines have been replaced by “virtual” meeting rooms we can carry around in our pockets. 🤳

But can the food that we eat get “smarter”, too? The answer is Yes! 🌱
The AER is delighted to invite you to…




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