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VI 3DP Pilot Plenary Meeting

2021-07-06 - 2021-07-07

“A 2-days event, to enable companies to promote (and complement!) their expertise crossborders as well as to develop projects and identify clear paths to fund them !”

The Vanguard 3DP Pilot made substantial progress over the last months, which were marked by: 1) the generation and development of new projects, aiming at addressing timely the needs of the industry and 2) the effective funding and implementation of 9 cross-regional SMEs-led projects (each with an SME from a Pilot Member region). By reinforcing and duplicating the progress made, the Vanguard 3DP Pilot has the ambition to address the industry needs further and to continue facilitating the deployment and uptake of 3D Printing solutions, contributing to the emergence of smarter, more sustainable, more resilient and more competitive value chains.

In this context, the plenary meeting will aim at:

  1. Providing members and interested ‘external’ actors with an overview of the objectives, progress made and upcoming opportunities.
  2. Offering to members the opportunity to ‘pitch’ new project ideas, which are not under the scope of the current ‘demo cases’ developed within the Pilot. In order to timely address emerging industrial needs, the 3DP Pilot remains open to new ideas2!
  3. Offering to members the opportunity to embrace existing funding opportunities (Horizon Europe Selected Calls, Cascade Funding Opportunities, etc.) during two dedicated sessions. A process of pitching needs and finding missing expertise (incl. outside of the AM communities!) will be set up for registered participants.
  4. Further developing, during distinct sessions, 10 demo cases that are currently implemented within the Pilot (see here for more information about the 3DP Pilot objectives and structure).

Target Groups

As mentioned above, the event and its distinct sessions target various groups:

  • Clusters/Industry Associations/Facility Centres/Technology providers/Regional authorities will have, among others, the opportunity to be informed about upcoming generic and specific (i.e. specifical Calls, Projects etc.) opportunities. Such actors will also be offered the opportunity to join current demo cases and to submit new projects, promoting expertise and addressing their needs.
  • Downstream SMEs/End-users/Technology providers, in addition to the aforementioned aspects, will also have the opportunity to pitch new project ideas, promoting their expertise and find the complementary expertise they are looking for. These actors will also have the opportunity to be informed about specific ‘SMEs-direct’ funding opportunities (Cascade Funding opportunities, etc.). For clarity purposes, sessions particularly relevant for SMEs are marked, in the detailed agenda available on the following pages, with a dedicated “SMEs !” logo.

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