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The application of nano and microsystem technology makes it possible to develop solar cells that deliver ever higher effectivity, mobile gas analysis systems, applications of testing medicine, miniature blood pressure meters for the continuous measurement of blood pressure, and portable apparatus for sealing primer surfaces.

The development of these products are what is seen in the coming time for a large-scale European innovation project called DIAMANT, which stands for “Development and Innovations in Advanced Microsystems And NanoTechnology.” “Diamant” means “diamond” in Dutch. DIAMANT is a combination of the competencies of Dutch and German companies and knowledge institutes in the area of miniaturization and energy efficiency in the research and development of various projects. The cooperation in these projects is expected to lead not only to more innovative products, but also to an intensive and long-term business relationship between the partners.


Development of a new type of tandem cell for photovoltaic (PV) technology in which pyramid shaped nano structures are applied. After the development of the new product, the knowledge will be used to develop a continuous production process for flexible thin film silicon PV cells with a high efficiency. In addition, the combination with thermal heat extraction is investigated to reach optimal cell performance and capturing of energy.

Development of a removable gas analysis system. Based on the combination of micro GC and sensitive, plasma emission with a transportable gas analysis system. This instrument can be used by both the industry and government organisations like fire-brigades.

Development of a small battery management system. The focus lies on the battery, smart safe chargers and power packs. These systems can be used in different markets like tourism (caravan movers) and equipment for the agro-food sector.

Micro BLM
Development of a new µBLM-Workstation, which can be used for production of black Lipid Membranes. The possible pharmaceutically relevant targets are pore forming toxins (i.e. PorB from Neisseria Meningitides, α-Haemolysin from Staphylococcus Aurous) and Membrane active peptides (relevant for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease etc.).

Development of a miniaturised, handheld continuous blood pressure monitoring device. This enables direct information availability about several blood pressure parameters, which can be used for continuous monitoring of patients and the support of healthy ageing.

Density Cone
Development of a tube that makes it possible to do on the spot, in situ tests. With this sensor system the density inside the ground can be measured. The measuring device has to be miniaturised and must be very reliable and stable at the same time. It can be used at, for instance, dykes and underwater building sites.

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